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Beatriz Ackermann studied Communication and worked for 10 years as a journalist in Argentine newspapers and TV. She got a degree in English Language and Literature. Later she studied International Trade and Marketing, focusing on Food Safety Legislation.
Since 1990 to April 2013 worked for the Argentine Peanut Association where in 2003 was appointed as CEO.
In 2004 was officially appointed as advisor to the Federal Secretary of Agriculture for the Codex Alimentarius National Office, integrating the Working Groups on Contaminants and Pesticide Residues. 
Participated in the Argentine WTO/SPS Technical Committee as well as the MERCOSUR-EU Bilateral Negotiation Working Groups.
For 10 years, integrated the Argentine Peanut Foundation Board of Directors, a private institution that finances and conducts scientific research programs on peanuts, and the Food Committee of Cordoba Federation of Industries.
She is also member of the Regional Advisory Board to the Argentine Customs Service and the Cordoba Peanut Commission.
Currently, as Senior Consultant, she provides expert advice on Food Production and Market, Hygiene and Quality Assurance Systems, Food Inspection and Certification, Legislation on Food Safety, Tariff Barriers and Technical Barriers to Trade, GAP, GMP, HACCP, among others. 
She is collaborative writer in national and foreign newspapers and magazines and regularly publishes technical articles to share her experience and knowledges.
In Argentina and abroad, conducts consulting on Agricultural Sustainability, Food Safety, Quality Management, GI and Origin Identity, as well as Innovation, Supply Chain Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Agrifood Business Promotion. Invited by public and private institutions, she offers staff training, coaching, workshops and conferences.